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19 April 2020 Make the Most of Every Opportunity Paul Dale
12 April 2020 Believing & Blessing Paul Dale
5 April 2020 Kanye is Correct: Jesus is King! Paul Dale
29 March 2020 In This Time of Fear, Seek the Lord Paul Dale
22 March 2020 Trust In God At All Times Paul Dale
15 March 2020 Your Transformed Life James Galea
8 March 2020 Fullness Paul Dale
8 March 2020 Dangerous Ideas James Galea
1 March 2020 Continue in Christ Andrew West
1 March 2020 Grace Nick Wood
1 March 2020 Stick with Christ! Paul Dale
23 February 2020 Deep Joy in Serving Jesus Paul Dale
23 February 2020 We Proclaim Christ Nick Wood
16 February 2020 Christ Is Supreme Over All Paul Dale
16 February 2020 Do Not Move! James Galea
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