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8 November 2020 Sharing God’s Heart for the Nations Ed Yorston
1 November 2020 A Chance Encounter James Galea
1 November 2020 A Saviour Who Seeks and Satisfies Paul Dale
25 October 2020 You Must Be Born Again Ed Yorston
25 October 2020 You Must Be Born Again Paul Dale
18 October 2020 Abundance & Presence Nick Wood
18 October 2020 Jesus Really Is Better! Paul Dale
11 October 2020 4 Days with Jesus… James Galea
11 October 2020 Come and See Paul Dale
4 October 2020 In the Beginning Andrew West
4 October 2020 How Glorious is Your Jesus? Paul Dale
27 September 2020 Will I ever be happy again? James Galea
20 September 2020 I’m a spiritual person, isn’t that enough? Andrew West
13 September 2020 2020, What the heck, God? Ed Yorston
6 September 2020 Where are you God? I can’t find you. Nick Wood
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