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Restore // Revive - Nehemiah

God’s people are called to be faithful in worship, in obedience, in prayer and seeking to make God’s name known! In the book of Nehemiah, the underlying concern is for God’s honour and God’s glory.

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23 June 2019 Revival and Obedience Paul Dale
23 June 2019 Revival and Obedience James Galea
16 June 2019 How to Pray for Revival Ed Yorston
16 June 2019 God is Faithful Paul Dale
9 June 2019 The Word of God Makes Us: Cry, Party and Go Camping?! Phil Morrow
2 June 2019 Fear God Not Man Paul Dale
2 June 2019 Rebuilding Through Opposition Andrew West
26 May 2019 Care with Open Hands Andrew West
19 May 2019 Responding to Opposition Paul Dale
12 May 2019 Rebuilding from Ruin Andrew West
12 May 2019 Building God’s Kingdom Under His Gracious Hand Paul Dale
5 May 2019 Preparing for Kingdom Work Ed Yorston
5 May 2019 First Step: Pray James Galea