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Unexpected - Gospel of Luke Episode 1

Luke is one of the four gospel accounts in the Bible that detail the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus (the others being Matthew, Mark and John).

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16 December 2018 Who do you say Jesus is? Paul Dale
9 December 2018 The things you fear, fear Jesus Phil Morrow
2 December 2018 Great faith Paul Dale
25 November 2018 Jesus and Religion Don’t Mix Paul Dale
18 November 2018 Who is Jesus for? Lionel Windsor
11 November 2018 Temptation Paul Dale
4 November 2018 Are you ready for the coming of the Lord? Ed Yorston
4 November 2018 Are you ready for Jesus? Joel Mailei
28 October 2018 Jesus Replaces the Temple Phil Morrow
28 October 2018 See and Praise Jesus Tom James