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Let’s Talk About It - Abuse & Assault

Let’s Talk About It - Abuse & Assault image

DATE: Monday 31st May
TIME: 7.45pm
LOCATION: Church by the Bridge Kirribilli

Did you know that almost 2 million Australian adults have experienced at least 1 sexual assault since the age of 15; half of female victims did not seek advice or support after their most recent incident of sexual assault; 1 in 3 hospitalised sexual assault cases identified a spouse or domestic partner as the perpetrator or that rates of assault are 7 times higher for women than men (source

Let’s Talk About That. 

We’d love you to come along to our next Mental Health seminar on Sexual Abuse & Assault. This can be a divisive issue and is such a hot topic particularly in the media right now. As a church, we want to help raise awareness and provide a safe place to talk about it and care for those who have and are experiencing it.

It is likely that you or someone you love has been sexually abused or assaulted. Although many victims do not reach out, statistics show that 7 out of 10 who do, tell friends or family, rather than authorities. Those that are assaulted can feel lonely and isolated and if you love someone who has been assaulted, you too can feel helpless. This seminar aims to help educate you to know more about these specific issues, increase empathy and understanding around this topic and equip us all to better walk alongside someone going through the experience.

Please come along on Monday 31st May, 745pm at Church by the Bridge Kirribilli. It would be great if you could register your attendance using this sign up form. The link can also be shared if you would like to invite anyone along.