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Let’s Talk About It - Emotional Health and Boundaries

Let’s Talk About It - Emotional Health and Boundaries image

DATE: Monday 11th October
TIME: 7.30pm

We are a church that cares for people and their mental health, and we understand that mental and spiritual wellbeing go hand in hand.

The Bible calls us to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, because we are created beings with a mind, body and soul. Historically, churches have only focused on spiritual maturity and neglected the importance of our emotional health. The truth is, our emotional health and spiritual maturity are connected and we can’t neglect either one.

This seminar will encourage people to focus on positive ways to be a holistically healthy person – mind, body and soul.

We will discuss the importance of boundaries and self-care for healthy relationships and that emotionally healthy people with good boundaries experience less burnout.

This is also a great opportunity to invite other friends, family or colleagues who might be interested in thinking about their emotional and spiritual maturity.

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