Kirribilli Neutral Bay


Online Church - Accessibility Resources

At Chuch by the Bridge Kirribilli and St Augustine's Neutral Bay, we are working to improve accessibility to our Online Church platform ( during this season of not being able to meet physically together. Please know that we continue to care deeply for those who find Online Church more challenging than others, particularly those living with hearing or visual challenges. We are currently investigating solutions for those with visual impairment, in the meantime, here are some initial suggestions that may help with improving accessibility particularly around hearing:-

- Using personal headphones as this reduces background noise; 

- Hearing loops which are similar to the hearing loop we use at Church; and 

- Portable solution with touchscreen that is used at Government house and councils. Download brochure here.

Additionally, links to each sermon's general transcript will be availabe below, until we've found a fast way to caption the whole service. 


Sermon Transcripts

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_7th_June_2020 (Psalm 46) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_31st_May_2020 (Psalm 42 & 43) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_24th_May_2020 (Psalm 32) James Galea

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_17th_May_2020 (Psalm 23) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_10th_May_2020 (Psalm 3) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_3rd May_2020 (Psalm 2) Nick Wood

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_26th_April_2020 (Psalm 1) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript__Sunday_19th_April_2020 (Colossians 4) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_12th_April_2020 (John 20) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_5th_April_2020 (Matthew 21) Paul Dale

Sermon_Transcript_Sunday_29th_March_2020 (Psalm 27) Paul Dale